Sara Hand 2015

Sara Hand has a diverse business development background across the innovation value chain from idea stage to exit. Her experience across public and private sectors, industry clusters and early stage investment has developed a unique perspective for clients and the audiences she speaks to. Sara is widely recognized for driving action-focused agendas for business and community development using agile strategies. Her motto is “Think Big. Keep it Simple. Make it Happen.”

As the CEO of Spark Growth, Sara finds and leverages unique value propositions to create synergistic partnerships. She believes that people and businesses thrive in communities. She has developed a global community of thought leaders which has led to opportunities with the State Department, the United Nations Launch of WED, the 2015 Harvard Future-Ready Economies Summit, International Strategic Doing Leadership Conference, Startup India Rocks 2016, co-production of Smart Cities Innovation Accelerators and the 2018 CEED Global Conference in Tunisia.

Sara Hand at 3.0


Passionate about community and connecting the dots for growth, Sara Hand collects “cool people”, many whom you will meet as speakers at Station 2 InnovationDaVinci’s Faire and the annual Thought Leaders Exchange.  The Thought Leaders initiative has provided a worldwide platform for thought leaders to convene and develop calls-to-action for transformative change.