Meet Sara Hand

I tend to be a busy person. I like to be involved. I like to make a difference. I can be a spectator, but I love to participate. Yet beyond all the activity, is the knowing that all of that is what I do. I do out of “who” I am. In contrast to…being…out of “what” I do.

So who am I?

I am a person who has learned and lives out a few simple truths. I have learned to become comfortable with the uncomfortable. I love learning new things, exploring and meeting interesting people. Dance, music and words whether written or spoken are incredibly valuable to me. I love working in my garden and the rewards of simply being able to enjoy it whether during the day or lit up in the evenings. Watching new life come forth and grow brings me such joy.

What’s important?

I am a person who is close to and loves spending time with my family. Developing real and lasting relationships that empower me and others to continue to grow into potential are a priority in my life. Appreciating the past, anticipating the future, and yet living in the present as a person of faith is something I reach towards daily.

Sara Hand:

Life-long learner, cool people collector, passionate Mom and community member, lover of God.

My motto:

Think bigger. Keep it Simple. Make it happen.

My personal mission:

To spend the rest of my life working with cool people on cool projects that make a difference.