As a sales professional we do things that are at the top of the list of “scary” for the average person. We talk to strangers on a daily basis, calling people we don’t know on the telephone or even walking in places we have never been before to talk to people we have never met.  We ask others to make decisions. Not only do we ask them to make decisions, but to do so about money. We talk about money. We ask how they would like to pay for their purchase. Sometimes we even give them the chance to back out, knowing if they don’t back out now the chances of them doing it later are less…Or at least these are the things we train to do. We buy books and watch videos and go to conferences and seminars and workshops all in the attempts to improve our performance and our bottom line. Yet after all this training, we still often walk out kicking ourselves for not doing what we have studied so hard to do. Why…when we actually get to the moment we have prepared for…why do we back down or forget?

Actually there are a number of reasons, but at the heart is fear.  Fear that someone may not like us, fear that they may not see us as competent or proficient, fear that because of our inadequacies they won’t buy. Yet so interesting is the fact that because we are afraid we don’t do the things that are necessary to make the sale and so as the old saying goes… “What we fear has come upon us.”