Love only can exist with the ability to choose. yes or no?

“If you do this, you can be like God”…they already were. They were deceived into thinking that by works they could get something that they already had, something they already were.

The purpose of the enemy is always to call into question…as a child of the kingdom, as a citizen on this earth with the nationality of the kingdom, you have been redeemed.  The relationship between the work of your hands, your mouth and the creative nature of God which resides within you which can not help but to expand forth even as the universe can not cease to expand…has been restored to proper order. Your very nature is one of increase!

Yet I can choose to consistently run on less gears than I have. I can consistently choose to underutilize my resources. Now in full knowledge, why would anyone do that…

Fear that those resources are not mine…really…that the promise is in word and not in substance

Fear that if I succeed it will be taken away…authority issues.

Fear that I am less than what has been said of me, fear that if I step out I will be exposed as the inadequate being that I am, and shamed.

Without fear I can choose to operate within or without the authority that I have been given.

Fear removes choice…for I now feel compelled to take care of my own safety.

The tree of life that God gave me in the beginning, calibrated my being for life. I acted and chose based on the standards of life God had set within me.

The tree of the knowledge of Good and evil removed the standards of God as the default and allowed me to choose which program, which standard I would want to run. The choices were overwhelming and because my ability to make choices was based on only my limited perspective…many of my choices were flawed.