I am what people call a “connector.” If someone were ever looking for a new mechanic, a doctor, a great book…they would say, “Ask Sara, she knows everyone.” Of course I didn’t and don’t know everyone.

So I went about life meeting cool people and connecting them and the resources they needed together…I do believe we are a lot closer than 4-6 degrees of separation. And then one day I had an ahha moment, when I realized that out of everything I do (and I do all kinds of stuff), that what I love most is meeting and working with cool people and helping them find the other cool people doing cool things that will leverage whatever it is that they are working on.

So that’s great…you finally were able to narrow it down, but what’s that mean?

It means I could begin to figure out how to monetize this; because if it is not only fun, but profitable then I can spend more time in this place. I am still working on the model, still doing some of the other things that I can do and I enjoy doing…but moving forward on the highly rewarding track of what could be called “The Cool People Project”.