Yes I read E-Myth, and if you haven’t you should. Yet sometimes I still get so busy in the doing, actually lost in the activity of getting somewhere that it is somewhat like driving quickly in circles or like a dog chasing its tail. It looks like it could be productive, and maybe it is. But maybe it isn’t…we all know looks can be deceiving.

 So what do you do?

 I have had to learn to evaluate frequently. STOP! Step back. What am I really doing here? Is there a better, simpler way? Is there a way I could utilize resources that have already been created? Is there a way I can leverage my time so that my actions have more impact? Where do I start?

 I don’t know? AND I never will if I don’t take the time to answer some of those questions. What better time than now? The kids are back in school. We are moving into the final stretch of this year. How I finish this year, will have a significant impact on how I start the next year. Some things about this year have been great, some things I definitely want to leave in 2009!

So join me this week and this weekend…AND STOP!