I am a note taker. I make lists for myself and am forever writing things down when others speak. It helps me remember what was said and whatever I had wanted to do. I was trained up that a short pencil is better than a long memory. So over the years some of these notes have found there way into various notebook collections of like subjects. However some have wound up in the garbage have become wrinkled or dotted with coffee. Others were written on the scraps of whatever was available and needed to be recopied or were deemed un-notebook worthy.

Then a number of years ago, I received a journal for my birthday. I will admit, I initially thought of journaling as somewhat of a diary thing…and I had never been too good at that.

So I tried something different. I began by using this great looking journal for notes: from church, from meetings, from books I was reading, and then putting in writing the thoughts that came from all the things I was taking in. I put these things ALL in the same book. Although I didn’t notice this initially, as the first book filled and I prepared for the second, I saw a snapshot of who I was and who I was becoming in front of me. My journals became a place to document the impacts of life. I could celebrate victories and unravel defeats. And on a daily basis was and still am confronted by weakness and areas where I need to grow.

In creating an action plan, I will ask clients, “If you could do one thing that would have the most impact on your life, one thing that would help you move toward that person you want to be, and one thing you could start NOW…”

My answer is, “Begin to document your journey!”