A friend and I were discussing our habit of “quiet time” in the AM. I would like to say that I never miss that time, but that isn’t true. Sometimes the demands of work or children or travel find me well into my day without that time.

Life is so busy, the time goes so fast, and it often feels like, if I could only go faster…So I try. I get up earlier, stay up later, multi-task through breaks and meals, all to be more effective. What difference can one day without quiet time make?

That one day deficit results in what she described as “manic” behavior. Although from the outside almost appearing quite normal, on the inside like a car without brakes moving certainly towards collision. The longer the times between centering and calibrating, the more out of alignment I can become.

So I have to schedule daily check ups, and frequent diagnostics to stay on track. Sometimes, as much as I don’t have time to, I just have to stop! AND breathe, and breathe again…and center.