One of the best lessons I learned about leadership…about team building…about sharing a vision, I learned from my mother. It was one of those “caught, not taught things” that took a number of years before I recognized its value.

There are three types of families.

 The first one invites you in to join them, but most of the seats are taken. You stand along the sidelines and are not really sure why they invited you.

 The second family invites you to join them, and has a seat for you at the table. But the group goes on as before you arrived. Conversations and activities resume around you, and although you were welcomed to the table you do not feel welcome.

The third family invites you to join them, shows you your seat at the table, and then asks “Could you put the napkins out?” The third family issues an invitation, physically welcomes you into their space and says your presence here is of value. They make room for you to contribute according to your gifts and talents. Something is missing if you are not present.

Whether you are a group, organization, association, or club what type of family do you want to be?