Did you ever here someone brag about how they are so good as a teacher that their whole class failed?

To be a teacher is to be a leader. To be a leader is to be a person of influence. To be a person of influence means that teaching will be in there somewhere. Sometimes more formalized instruction, often instructing through example.

As a leader, if my team is failing there are some things I have to consider:

Have I conveyed the vision or mission clearly?

Is this congruent with the team member’s personal beliefs?

If not, is the vision changing or the team member?


Do I have a well defined system, process or plan for accomplishing this?

Have expectations been clearly communicated?

How are questions or challenges relayed between team members and leadership?


Are our goals clear?

Do we know when we are finished?

Is it possible to win?

As a leader, as a teacher, as a person of influence; I believe that if my team or my class doesn’t win, the buck stops here. It is my responsibility to empower and serve my team to and for the accomplishment of the vision through the goals that mark the way.