So you are not participating in the recession. Ok I got that, but what are you participating in? You can’t win if you don’t play.

You have to get in the game. Waiting for things to get back to normal is not an option, because they are not going back to where they were. There is a new normal…it’s not quite clear what that new normal is going to wind up being, but it isn’t what it was.

 Today the game is not always pretty. The competition is tough. If you weren’t in shape and prepared, you may not feel so good at the end of each day. Icy hot, and ibuprofen may be your bed fellows for a while. Yet if you stay in the game, if you don’t quit…you will get stronger. But it takes looking for some new game plans, finding a good coach, and continuing to train extra hard.

There have been players and teams that have come from behind before, the underdog who refused to give up or give in. They make up in heart for what they may have lacked in traditional preparation. They have no box and take what others would have cast aside and make it work. They start with what they have in their hand, maximize that and GROW on. They refuse to warm the bench, and push forward when everyone else says it is not possible.

These are the founders of our country, they are the pioneers, they are those who went before us and blazed trails that for several decades we have had the luxury of enjoying.

 No, I am not participating in the recession either. I will rise to the occasion.  As my forefathers who came here as pilgrims, struggled that first winter and yet survived, so I will survive. I will give thanks for what I have. I will work hard. I will look for new opportunities and I will look for creative solutions. There is a new normal coming and I choose to be in the game.