I had this guy I worked for who would say, “Now we’ll know how good you really are.” You just wanted to smack him. However, there is some truth in that. It is one thing to perform well, when all the pieces are in place and life is “good”. It is another to rise to the occasion against all odds and perform well.

Everything has changed…pretty much…and it is not really comfortable. Ok, it’s worse than not comfortable, there are some days that when you get to the end you feel pulverized. Taken down to the most common element that is you…where it is your heart, your passion that sustains you and keeps you moving forward. It certainly isn’t because you feel like it.

So innumerable individuals are abandoning the sinking ship of what was and are attempting to reinvent who they are and what they do. Yet as painful as this might be there is something incredible that is emerging.

  • It is a new shape of business.
  • It is starting with individuals and moving through businesses and out into communities.
  • It is about partnering, collaborating and about working together.

What did not happen by chance has happened by necessity. Being ground in preparation, we are being perfected through the fire and will emerge as steel stronger, more beautiful and more resilient than ever.

 Now we will see, as individuals, as communities, “How good are we really?”