You can’t imagine how many times I have heard that. And it saddens me to tell you this, but that just isn’t true. It doesn’t matter how great your product or service is, or how much it is needed. People don’t buy based on need. There is someone who needs it, that won’t use it, even if you gave it away.

However this is one of the most liberating and profitable epiphanies of the business world! Understanding this, I can make more money in less time. I can arrive home at the end of day facing clients and looking for prospects with my ego intact…no longer beaten and bruised.

WHY? Because I am no longer trying to sell everyone on the fact that what I bring to the table is wonderful. I no longer have to jump through hoops trying to convince someone who will never buy that they should. I have made make peace with the fact that I am not a fit for everyone, so like a miner sifting and searching for gold, I am sifting and searching through leads for prospects. Some people are not going to buy and it isn’t because I stink, it’s because they are not a fit for the value proposition I can present.

The secret to utilizing this understanding is…I must know what my prospects look like and I must know how to recognize them when they come across my path. I still have to be skilled at my craft. I still need to do and say and bring to the table my best, but my results are going to be significantly more profitable.