2009 is coming to a close and maybe you feel like you have fallen short. Maybe you haven’t recovered from 2008 yet, and you are wondering if you ever will…

My older daughter was taking ice skating lessons and my younger daughter couldn’t wait until she was 3 and able to start. At her first lesson, she headed out onto the ice with her helmet and gloves. All bundled up and pink, the instructor completed her goalie image with knee, elbow and bum pads. Good thing…The first couple lessons were spent purposefully falling.

I came away from this spectacle with several things:

  • We all fall at some time or another, so don’t be surprised or beat yourself up when it happens.
  • Wearing the correct safety equipment and knowing how to fall can minimize how badly you get hurt.
  • More important than knowing how to fall, is knowing how to get up.

If like my daughter you have spent considerable time practicing, you may be able to get back up on our own. However, maybe you weren’t as well padded. Maybe you haven’t fallen before, at least not like this. Maybe you‘ve tried to get up, but it’s cold, it’s wet and seems like no matter how hard you try you just can’t seem to make it on your own. Sometimes part of getting up is asking for help.