Have you heard anyone say something lately that started like this?


“After the New Year I’ll start…”


For some reason, the later we get in the year the more often this comes up. Although there are a host of other significant dates, vacations and events we organize our lives around; there is just something about December 31 and January 1.  I understand we only have a few days left and low-fat eggnog is just not as good as the full-fledged version. I have a few more pieces of fudge to finish off, and a couple more holiday celebrations to attend. Besides now that Santa has been and gone, no one is watching to see if I am naughty right now…what are a few more days before I start my new life on the other side?


However, there is no magic pixie dust to sprinkle over our heads at the stroke of midnight New Year’s Eve that will make this next year any different. For most people, 2010 is going to be more of the same. Why…simply, because change only happens when it happens. The truth “My life changes when I do” isn’t necessarily a fun one. Change is hard. Change takes effort. Not everyone will be supportive of my change. When I make changes, it rocks the boat. Even if it is for my good, some people will resist.  Most people are comfortable with status quo or are waiting for that date in the future when it is going to be different.


Maybe your new year will off with a bang. Maybe you will make incredible progress toward the goals you have set. Maybe you won’t. Maybe you will finish the rest of the holiday goodies that are in your fridge, before you start eating healthy. Maybe you won’t make those extra business phone calls that first week of January. Maybe you will get so bogged down in everything you didn’t start that you just don’t start.


Several years ago an incredible woman shared with me, “It’s a new moment”…and each moment is a new moment! I don’t have to wait for New Year’s, Monday, payday or any other day for my new life to start. I can, but I don’t have to. Your change, and your new year, your new habit, your new life starts whenever you do!