The difference between the hopes and plans we discuss and those we actually implement and live out is often as simple and as complex as time. My brother Bill is a great example of how to use time, with the help of his wife, to plan and accomplish what others would only dream of.

A number of years ago they bought, what they call the least expensive house in a really nice neighborhood. Both of them being pretty handy, somewhat disciplined and motivated for change began a list of remodel projects. They started by knocking down walls and remodeling the first floor to create an incredible kitchen/family room area that any good Better Homes and Gardens reader could envy.

Each year accomplishing, and YES completing several projects: including new wood floors, all new AC system with beautiful attic storage facilities, removing popcorn texture throughout the entire house to replace with a plaster-type finish, attic dorm, and little by little the list goes on. Yet, throw in a couple of kids graduating and you can multiply results exponentially. Last year included a new pool and an outdoor recreation area. This year it is a new pavilion and outdoor shower.

What makes them successful at getting things done?

They have a vision.Bill and the kitchen

They have created a plan.

Their plan is connected to time.

They set goals for themselves that they fully plan on honoring these goals.

They use impending events and circumstances as leverage.

They fully enjoy everything they do, so that they don’t resent upcoming projects.

They invite others to enjoy their projects for positive reinforcement.

Whether you are looking at some big household projects, or at redoing your marketing plan…try these tips from Bill and Stacy. I’ll let you know how the latest projects have turned out after the party!