There have been some local businesses working at getting the word out about our beaches and the current affect of oil on the Florida Coastline. Check out for the latest updates. If you can get your prospects, customers, friends to send this to their networks, we can counter the hysteria about oil covering our beaches and hopefully mitigate damage.

In the last couple years there has been some controversy about whether Florida should have drilling for oil off of our shores. The debate about the impacts on our economy and some of the challenges this could present have been quite heated. For those who have been for drilling, considering the impact from the Louisiana mishap on our Florida economy might be helpful. Even before any tar balls hit the white sands of Pensacola cancelations were affecting an economy already struggling to recover.

Note, if we do not want this right off our coast we will have to let people know. Even with the current disaster and the public outcry about responsibility, the Federal government has just issued a permit for more drilling off the Louisianna coastline. Go Figure!