Life is a journey…What have you learned along the way?arms wide open

Some of my personal observations.

  • My life changes when I do, and if I don’t change…Life doesn’t change.
  • If I want better answers, I need to ask better questions…Learning to ask great questions is a skill worth working on!
  • If I don’t apply structure to my time, someone or something else will! Especially if you are a person who gets things done…you will never run out of meetings to go to.
  • I need to Focus on the big picture, then fine tune the details. And check back with the big picture…understanding strategy and tactics will keep me moving forward without getting bogged down.
  • The only investment I can control is my own personal interest rate. How valuable am I? What kind of problems do I solve? What am I doing daily to become more valuable to myself and others?
  • I will never be successful at owning what is not my responsibility to own.  The line between help and support and reinforcing negative tendencies is very narrow.
  • I can not control or change anyone.  I can only choose how I respond to situations and circumstances. What someone does with my response is their choice.
  • Just because I can…doesn’t mean I should. Learning to say no may be more important than YES.
  • If not me, then who?  I am a part of a community that grows and thrives based on the contributions or lack of contributions from its members.
  • Everyone has something to contribute. Intelligence is not determined by your IQ and neither is personal value. It is worth the investment of time to discover those contributions and draw them out so that they can flourish.
  • I have an inherent responsibility to become my best; to faithfully steward the potential I have been given and encourage others in the same.

As I consider the list of things I have learned on this journey called my life…the list continues to grow. I am also reminded of those who have shared a part of this journey to date and am thankful for their contributions to whom I am and who I am becoming. What have you learned? Have you thought about it lately?