There is a uniqueness that is all about you, that is characteristic of what makes you different…what makes you special, what makes you unlike any other human being. Just as you are unique as an individual so are you as a business. Yes, there may be businesses that provide a product or service that is similar to what you provide. However they are not you AND that IS important. Because it is in your difference, your uniqueness that something called a unique selling proposition comes forth. People buy a product or service …YOUR product or service because of what makes you different not because of how you are the same as something else.

You don’t buy a Ford because it is like a Porsche. If you want a Porsche, you buy one. However if the Ford were similar to the Porsche and you bought the Ford instead, it might be because of a different pricing.  People don’t buy because you are like everyone else, they buy because you are different.

If you don’t know what makes you specifically different and unique, and you would like to be more profitable and more effective in how you spend your time and money, commit some time to defining that position. It will pay off!