The holidays are almost here. This year has gone by in a whirlwind. As I journal each day, I have been amazed at how quickly the numbers I write at the top of the page have changed. How could it be the end of November so quickly?

The truth is, with two teenage daughters, a reorganized business with new partners, a growing community initiative and more…my life is full. And although I work with others to help them with personal and professional development…I find that often I fall off the proverbial wagon.

So what I have put in place in my life, are periodic times of review. AND the month of November is one of them. Here I take the time to look at my life. I examine where I am in relationship to the goals I set for myself, my family and my business. What did I get done and what did I fail to complete? I don’t wallow in the lack of achievement, but look to see “WHY”. Then I reassess, reorganize, and put together a new and improved action plan with the knowledge I have gained.

I actually review several times a year to see if I am on track. However, November is not a mid-semester review…what happens in November sets the tone for the whole next year. Amid all the holiday hustle and bustle, if you haven’t all ready, set aside some time to review and to plan for this upcoming year. If you have never really done this:  Review…Update…Plan…Implement…or if you feel like you would like to take life up a notch, consider getting some help doing this.