As we attempt to make a quick trip to the store, wait in lines or notice that there are cars and people everywhere, it might be hard not to grumble at least slightly.

However, as you look at all those out of state license plates and think of the good ol’ days of summer. Don’t forget those good ol’ days were overshadowed by the fallout from an oil spill and the deflation of the housing market. This summer the discussion was of empty guest rooms across all types of resort facilities and efforts were focused on getting the word out that our beaches were clean.

 All those cars and traffic represent people. People that have come to enjoy our beaches, shop in our malls, and eat in our restaurants; who all though it might not have been as warm lately as it normally is, are happy that the wind chill factor is above zero. And although it is way too cold for me to get in the water, the Gulf is only cold for those of us who are spoiled Florida natives or long-time transplants.

So in sharing our roads and beaches… REMEMBER to be on your best behavior. Try to be thankful and grateful for our winter guests. They could have chosen to go some place else, but they chose here and aren’t we glad they did?