•What resource do you have in common with the wealthiest person on the planet?

•What quality do you share with the fastest runner in the world?

•What gift do you possess that every successful artist requires?


At my High school reunion a wise friend said to me “20 years equalizes many things.”

Every day the clock strikes Midnight, and a new day begins. Each person has the next 24 hours to call today, that won’t change. The way we spend those hours and minutes is what separates us from each other. No matter how we try, the day is the day. Time cannot be saved for tomorrow, it cannot be traded among friends, and once it is gone, it is gone! Ask yourself “At the end of the day, will I be frustrated with the way I spent my day, or will I be satisfied that it was a day well spent?”

Some people believe you only need to go faster to make “it” happen. They’re wrong. Fractured families, stress induced disease, and mental breakdowns, are at the end of that road. What can we do?

Take it one action step at a time. First identify priorities, and then focus your goals to reflect those priorities. If this is done on a regular basis, when you ask yourself “was today a good day?” you will have a measuring stick. Remember Bill Gates, Gandhi, and Mother Teresa, have accomplished great things, with the same 24 hours that you and I have.