Human connection can never be replaced...

Human connection can never be replaced!

“They” say that people need somewhere between 4 and 10 hugs a day to be emotionally healthy. A hug is referring to authentic, caring, physical contact with another human being.

Yet in our fast-paced world of today, despite all the ways we attempt to communicate: email, text, cell phone, web camera or the antiquated land line or snail mail card…none provide that transfer of tangible electrical impulse. Could it be that in many ways a good portion of the people around us are starving…and if that is so, what can you, one solitary person even hope to do about this epidemic? I mean, could you really make a difference?

It may sound ridiculously simple, but this one thing could not only make a difference in your personal life and the relationships you have with your family and friends, but this ONE thing could also revolutionize your impact in the workplace.

“So what is it, you ask?” pleading for the magic pill that will stop disease and bring world peace….


“That’s it? How could I be someplace other than where I am at?” you ask as you think about the call you need to return and wonder if you can do that and still go through the 38 emails in your inbox…In our multi-tasking, time managing society, we are often so busy getting where we are going or processing where we have been, that we miss where we are at right this moment.

What would happen if you used the voicemail feature and only responded to phone calls at certain predetermined times. What would happen if when you were with a client, a prospect, your wife, husband, girlfriend, father, mother or even the cashier at the grocery store…you were actually there? What if you looked people in the eyes and listened to what they said and then thought of what you were going to say? Would any of that make a difference? I think it could…one appreciated, valued human being at a time!