Setting yourself up to win

Do you ever feel like your world is falling around you? Set yourself up to win with these key habits.

I often tell people…If I don’t set myself up to win…who will?

So here are a few simple steps for steadiness I give to my clients.

1. STOP AND BREATHE…Sounds simple doesn’t it? However, often people will just run faster and try harder. Others will shut down altogether. Neither response produces results over the course of time.

A couple of years I was dealing with a lot of stuff in my own life at one time…people would ask, “How are you doing?”

Take a couple deep breathes and exhale

“Good start.”

And…Actually it is…taking 3 deep breathes and exhaling slowly each time causes a different part of your nervous system to kick in. You start to relax, and when you relax you can make better choices.

2. EXERCISE…I know…

“I barely have time to work that into my schedule when life is wonderful…and you want me to exercise NOW?”

“Yes I do!”

Exercise releases endorphins…endorphins make you feel better without a prescription. Ride a bike, walk, dance…do something you love…but do something (Alcohol and other substances to “feel good” don’t count.)


Yes, Joy is a real thing and provides strength to deal with the hard stuff! It’s context is the relationships of life. Be thankful and be present with those you care about. Don’t forget to hold hands with someone you love…look them in the face and TELL THEM THAT. Tell them that you love them…Build Joy.