In the last couple weeks we have had a “few cold” days in Florida. In some ways it was kind of nice to have a fire in the fireplace, and to be able to wear my leather jacket and the couple of warm sweaters that I own. However, despite the fact the people still looked fairly normal…strangely garbed shapes began to appear…some in florals and others in stripes and solids.

“Chickens”…”wimps” our northern friends think! Yet apprehension mounts as reports of near freezing temperatures circulate and our vegetation takes the covers…literally.

Several years ago I made a major change professionally. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy what I did, simply that there was something I wanted to do more. So I moved from my comfortable spot inside with more than adequate lighting and regular watering into the big outdoors. As I began to put out new roots without the confines of my former planter…it was scary. Used to a regular watering schedule and climate controlled comfort, a few of my leaves yellowed and dropped off.

Interesting that what fits in a lovely little pot on a windowsill in New York (like a pencil cactus) may grow 10 feet tall in my yard! In contrast to that, some gorgeous foliage (like hostas) won’t survive outside down here, regardless of the coaxing.

After about two years, I love where I am at in my life. I help people make changes. I help them see that there are more choices than they thought. I watch people and businesses grow and thrive and am thankful to be a part of their process. I look at my life and see the changes that I have made and can’t imagine going back. Am I done growing? Not even close in this climate.

**This post appeared several years ago in my Joy Beyond Freedom newsletter and I believe is even more relevant today! STAY TUNED for more “Climate and Growth News.”