I discovered these black and yellow bugs all over my bushes out front. The bugs are back and I’m excited! Not that kind of “I just saw a mouse or such” freaked out excitement, but overjoyed at their presence.

I had shared with you my secret…how I had desired my own version of Sunken Gardens.

I was fostering this lush, somewhat native landscape that would attract a multitude of wildlife, including birds and butterflies. I planted a harmonious blend of foliage, and relished my emerging paradise…only to discover that insects had devoured the plants in my front planter down to the ugly stems. Very unhappy with the quite unattractive view I now had to share with all my neighbors, I had pride-fully gone to Wal-Mart to pick up an extremely toxic beverage, and had celebrated as each of those bugs had fallen dead to the ground.

Who knew what I was thinking. Except that several weeks later at a butterfly event at Sunken Gardens, it hit me…black and yellow caterpillars make great butterflies. My garden has prospered over the last couple years, and we get some great and somewhat rarer butterflies…but it wasn’t until just recently that the caterpillars returned. There are not near as many as there were the first time.

However….I am careful not to disturb them, even when I am watering. Hopefully, they will enjoy eating the bushes out front. I am just excited that sometimes in life, you get more than one chance to appreciate the beauty of transformation.