Many of us have experienced unloving and unkind actions from those closest to us. How can that happen?

Shouldn’t my husband, my wife, my friend, my parent behave in a kind, generous and loving manner?

Should they? Yes. Do they? No.

Is it that they are simple mean? Not at all!

We live in a broken world with broken people. As beautiful and spectacular as people can be, each one of us also contains the potential for unkindness and possible extreme acts of “darkness.” People can not give you what they do not possess.

Recently I read this quote from Max Lucado…

“The secret to loving is living loved.”

It was a beautiful expression and reminder to me that it is out of a position of  joy that I have the most impact on those around me.

That my personal thankfulness and appreciation for the beauty in the world around me, the choice to focus on the bright spots regardless of how large the dark clouds loom  and the “Heart Knowledge” that there is One who loves me as much on my worst day as on my best – is my first purpose.