For several years I worked for a disaster recovery and mitigation firm company. I spent hours watching the weather channel. Remember when it first started? I followed storms and Dr. Grey’s forecast and saw more stories of communities ravaged by disasters than I want to remember.

Although we are currently (according to general public knowledge) unable to prevent weather-related disasters, often in the past many of the lives and property losses could have been prevented.

As I write this, currently Hurricane Irma has been classified as a Category 5 with wind speeds at 185 miles per hour and Tropical Storm Jose is right behind. After last weeks flooding and loss of life in Houston and the surrounding areas, I am glad that citizens across Florida are taking these warnings seriously. Am I evacuating right now from my position? No, however I am making preparations and speaking with family, friends and coworkers to discuss possible courses of action depending on the course Irma takes.

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Now is the time to have these conversations and decide how will you secure your property. Where will you and your family go? How have you made provision to have important information available if something happens to your property? As a business owner, how have you planned to continue operations?


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It has been awhile since we have faced this type of potential tragedy, may we work together as communities to stay safe, may we look after our neighbors and may the world see how we respond to the opportunity of crises and potential devastation and say, “That is the America we know. That is the America of heroes we have known from stories.”