In this busy, mobile, and technology-laden world; business owners are bombarded with choices. Messages fly at us from all directions to use this, purchase that, try this for FREE. Mandates of you “must” be or do something to be successful can be overwhelming. How do you…

…wade through all the information? How do you decide?

When working with clients, I go through several simple criteria. After a number of times of drawing this on a whiteboard to help, I created a tool to help evaluate and simplify decision making for ourselves and the businesses with which we work.

We start with understanding that some critical components of life and business are finite. Each one of us has the same 24 hours in each day, and we each have a certain amount of energy and attention. If we take care of ourselves, get the right nutrition and appropriate rest we can function at higher levels. However, that in itself is paradoxical challenge. Because the more hours I work and the harder I push myself to work, the less rest I get. Although possible for periods of time, it will eventually catch up and I become less effective. So I am back again to limitations and have to look for tools that will increase my abilities within those constraints.

After limitations, the next key question is, “What am I looking to accomplish?” Whether just starting a venture or well into building your enterprise, there are four buckets most business objectives fall into: maximizing results, optimizing cash flow, staying flexible and build/grow/maintaining your team. Whether free or paid, tools and services you consider should facilitate at least one of these four goals to be worthy of consideration.

With big goals and finite resources, the challenge is to leverage your capacity and still achieve your potential.