So somewhere, sometime, just start!

Stop waiting for the perfect moment, time and inspiration. Just begin!

Forget that, “Anything worth doing is worth doing is worth doing well.” Truly, “anything worth doing” is worth doing poorly first, and that with practice can be well on the way to doing well. Is it possible that coaching and practice may be necessary? Very possible!

Gold medalist aren’t born they are made. Maybe they have natural talent. However, that natural talent left on the couch with a big of chips, is not going to bring home a medal. There is a time where one simply must start.

Maybe it isn’t a specific skill that you are wanting to master. Maybe it’s a task or a chore, like the closet or garage just waiting for your attention. The will or the savings account for retirement, or the trip you have been promising you would always take.

It really doesn’t matter what it is. What matters is that you haven’t started. For some reason, you are waiting.