How did it get to be 1/20/2020 already? Didn’t the New Year just start? Yet that is the way life proceeds. Minute by minute and then day by day the months then years go by. Appreciating this memory from 2015. Not so long ago and yet another lifetime. However, I will choose “life” today as I did when I wrote this.

1/1/2015 Journal Entry – Another New Year?

2015, a year so inconceivably far away, has arrived – as each one does, one day at a time. Whether I or my childhood cohorts noted those days moving by one at a time, sunrise to sunset they passed. And yet again, those of us who remain face this New Year. Is it one of promises, one of new beginnings, one of hope?
Some face this global and cultural marker of newness and can only lament upon the past. For others the newness looked good last night, but the pain in their head and body from their celebrations reminds them that superheroes are characters they only read about. Yet for others this newness and time of resolutions will bring change for days and maybe several weeks before they return to the old adage of “nothing changes.”

And then again there is a group, a remnant, which recognizes that newness actually comes each day. That just as time moves past day by day and moment by moment, that there exists within that passing, opportunities for newness. Large culturally established moments, such as New Years, can be anchor points of awareness, used as benchmarks to measure movement from what was to what is.

However, day by day I can choose to live in this world, measuring and evaluating and adjusting accordingly, knowing that my hope frames expectations and those expectations can be on promise. I get up each day and decide, sometimes by moment, that newness has arrived. If the benchmark to measure life empowered progress is too far away, I move it to serve me. The measurement serves the purposes of life, and I choose. So if I fail, I do not wait for some culturally established start line which comes but once a year – instead, I appoint another and another as necessary so that my life may move forward as time itself does.

So what will this New Year of 2015 hold for me? First is the harvest of what has gone before. This law of “whatsoever a man sows” follows. Second, 2015 will be comprised of what I choose to fill it with. My focus, my attention and affection which will fill moments of intent, which will produce…
So the question becomes – what will I choose?

Today I choose life! I choose to love my family. To cherish the moments with my children. To purpose to be available for my parents and siblings. To love my work and to absorb the details of my surroundings. I purpose to be present. To look for opportunities to win in appreciation of what is important.

Whether 2015 holds financial success or success by any other measure of others – 2015 will be a success because of who I am and who I am becoming, as a lover of people and an appreciator of life itself