Life is richly rewarding…Remembering the past and moving into the future. I love that this starts with my visit to Tunisia with CEED. Not only was it an incredible experience, I saw old friends and made incredible new ones.

From InnovatorBox: “Innovation and creative problem-solving are central to Sara Hand’s philosophy. As the founder and CEO of Spark Growth, Sara is helping change the way organizations think, and convening like-minded leaders across sectors to connect, share best practices, and work together to change the world. Know of a woman using creativity to grow businesses and communities? Tag her!”

Next up is a blurb about the ROOTS Education Package.

Now more than ever…The populations Perkins grants serve need YOU. In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, we all are facing new choices and challenges. BUT the funding is there to make a change for the populations you serve. Perkins annual allocations exceed $1.3 billion. The Division of Academic and Technical Education (DATE) is working to make more funds available. This year, Congress set aside 1% of the $30.75 billion allotted to the Education Stabilization Fund for grants.* The funds are there, and now, you can leverage them. With ROOTS Education’s preprepared Perkins Packages (featuring cutting-edge curriculum, technology, and Perkins-responsive materials), you can come out of the crisis stronger than ever and with deeper ROOTS for future growth.

And I’ll round this out with a note about the Canadian infrastructure challenge.

During the Canadian infrastructure challenge, we saw that inclusion was a strong characteristic in the top-ranked community submissions. We are excited to see this “complete” element as a focus for Waterfront Toronto. While all inclusive communities may not be smart, ALL Smart Communities will be inclusive.